Engine combustion Air Conditioning and Management System

Engine combustion Air Conditioning and Management systemThere is a requirement for an Engine combustion Air Conditioning and Management system for engine test beds at IC Engines Lab, IIT Madras.The conditions of the intake air (temperature and humidity) have a definite impact on the operating behaviour of an internal combustion engine. Hence, this Engine combustion Air Conditioning and Management system should maintain the temperature and humidity of the air supplied to the internal combustion engine at standard conditions defined in the technical specifications below, irrespective of the ambient air conditions inside the test laboratory. It can be a stationary installation with flexible hose arrangement for its outlet air, as shown in Figure 1 below (See attachment). The system should have the following specifications.  Technical Specifications to be metAir flow rate at engine inlet (It should be possible to set the flow rate at any two intermediate values as well)Maximum = 1000 kg/hMinimum = 50 kg/hInlet air conditionsChennai ambient conditions considering variations over a period of 5 years (latest).Temperature of air at outlet25 deg.C+1 deg. CRelative Humidity of air at outlet50% +5% RHPressure of air at outlet950 – 1020 mbarHumidity controlAll sensors and actuators needed have to be provided in the system for humidity control. The controller for humidity alone will be provided by IIT Madras.Temperature ControlShould be by circulation of chilled water which is to be also provided within the system and must be controlled using a three way valve. The complete controller/PLC including all the sensors and actuators needed for humidity control should be provided by the bidderMountingThe whole arrangement should be trolley mountablePipingAll internal piping and holding tanks must be in SS. The conditioned air must be available through a flexible pipe.Essential Requirements:1.       Complete details of the technical aspects including all the valves, sensors, actuators, controllers, outputs and inputs needed for humidity control, size of components, ratings, make of important valves, motors, controllers, sensors should be provided.2.       The price breakup of important components and services has to be given.3.       The company should have done at least three customised air handling systems for reputed government or research labs in the past three years. Evidence to this effect has to be provided with important details.4.       The installation and commissioning should be completed within 4 weeks of the PO.5.       Last date for submission of detailed quotations including all the technical requirements and commercials: 04-10-2017.   Figure 1: Schematic of Interface to Engine (Please see the attachment) Quotations have to be submitted to the following address:Prof. A. RameshInternal Combustion Engines laboratoryDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology MadrasChennai 600036                                    For details please contact: Prof. A. RameshMobile: 9444462154Tel1: 044 22574676Tel2: 04422574901  Last date for submission of quotations: 04-10-2017

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Prof. A. Ramesh Internal Combustion Engines laboratory Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai 600036 For details please contact: Prof. A. Ramesh Mobile: 9444462154 Tel1: 044 22574676 Tel2: 04422574901