Departmenf of Mechanical Engineering

Inverted Microscope


An automated accelerated life test rig is required for conducting bearing life tests. The principal components of the test rig are shaft supported by test bearings, motor, load bearings, and loadingarrangements. The test rig will also have the capability of acquiring data from data acquisition sensors in addition to recording operating conditions (load, speed, the temperature of the test/loadbearings etc.). Please refer to attached file for details.

High Speed Colour Camera


Eddy Current Dynamometer with Controller

We seek quotations for eddy current dynamometer as per the specification given in our tender notification.

Customized 5 Axes CNC System

Open tender for LDV system

Mechanical Design for a Portable Horizontal Axis Hydro-kinetic Turbine

To provide mechanical design for a portable horizontal axis hydro-kinetic turbine, including detailed engineering design (design of machine elements, selection of bearings and seals), with appropriate Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for optimised structure followed by production / fabrication drawings.

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