Department of Applied Mechanics

Limited tender spectrometer for bio chemical molecular analysis

Tenders are invited for the requirement of a spectrometer for bio/chemical molecular analysis integrated with a light source and flow system. The bio/chemical molecular analysis to be monitored using a sensor that is sensitive to refractive index changes based on the principle of surface plasmon resonaance, grating or interferometry. The biomolecular interactions on a sensor surface as well as in liquid phase in a cuvette should be measured. The samples include bacteria, virus, proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, polymers or heavy metals for detection.

Vortex flow meter

Heat Exchanger

Fabrication and assembly of spray nozzle test stands

Fabrication and assembly of spray nozzle test stands. For all other information or technical clarifications, please contact Mr. P. Goheth (, mobile: 8667683928).


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