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Micro Processor based Ultrasonic Processor

Micro Processor based Ultrasonic ProcessorCorrigendum - Specifications updated 

Lab Ultrasonic Welder

Lab Ultrasonic Welder

Time to digital converter for delayline detectors

This tender is for time to digital converter electronic modules with suitable 

Anti-vibration optical platform with support

Please find below the tender specs for this intended procurement.

Micro-Machining System (MMS) for Femtosecond Laser Ultraprecision Fabrication

This tender is an identical copy of the tender uploaded on the e-procurement portal of the Govt of India, with the Tender ID:2017_IIT-M_261362_1 

Dry Multistage Roots Pump with Integrated Silencer

Please see attached document below for details.

Purchase of Gas Chromatograph at Physics - IIT Madras

Specifications and terms /conditions are attached as PDF file.

Fiber Optic Compact Optical VIS-NIR Spectrometer

Tender for compact fiber optic spectrometer in the VIS-NIR region with high resolution. Please see attached file for specifications.


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