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Fiber Optic Compact Optical VIS-NIR Spectrometer

Tender for compact fiber optic spectrometer in the VIS-NIR region with high resolution. Please see attached file for specifications.

Computer Cluster

 CORRIGENDUM FOR TENDER REFERENCE PHY/2017/011/STORES    DUE DATED EXTENDED TO 05.10.2017 with same Terms and Conditions.   A revised specification is added.  Kindly go through Tender-spec-revised.pdf

Turbo molecular pump > 1900L/s

Please see attached file for details.

Optical tweezers kit

We would like to buy an optical tweezers kit with the following specifications.

The optical tweezers kit should have the following components.

1. Complete optical trapping system with lenses, mirrors and mounts.
2. An IR laser with wavelength in excess of 950 nm, high intensity stability and laser power in excess of 300 mW.
3. 1.25 NA 100x objective to produce the tweezers spot
4. 10x condenser lens to collect the laser light in the forward direction.
5. 3-axis sample positioning stage with integrated piezo actuators for nanometer resolution.
6. Camera with USB interface for video imaging together with software.

Item #
Tweezer Specifications
Spot Size 1.1 µm
Depth of Focus 1 µm
Laser Wavelength >950 nm
Max Power at Fiber Output >300 mW
Objective Specificationsc
Type 100X Immersion Objective
Numerical Aperture 1.25
Input Aperture Ø5 mm
Working Distance 0.23 mm
Wavelength Range 380 - 1100 nm
Condenser Lens Specifications
Type 10X Air Condenser
Numerical Aperture 0.25
Working Distance 7 mm
Wavelength Range 380 - 1100 nm

Gratings for femtosecond laser harmonic spectrograph

Specifications in the attached file.

Membrane vacuum pump


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