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Studies on Development of Solar based Cold Storage at CARD

The scope of work consists of detailed process and mechanical design of the vapor absorption refrigeration system components – evaporator, condenser, generator, absorber, solution heat exchanger, cooling tower for condenser and absorber cooling, photovoltaic panels with mounting, inverter system and controls, evacuated tube type solar collectors for generator, cold room, drawings of each subcomponent, preparation of training and maintenance documents. Also includes procurement of raw materials, fabrication of all components and subsystems, piping, electrical and instrumentation, delivery of

Engine combustion Air Conditioning and Management System

Engine combustion Air Conditioning and Management systemThere is a requirement for an Engine combustion Air Conditioning and Management system for engine test beds at IC Engines Lab, IIT Madras.The conditions of the intake air (temperature and humidity) have a definite impact on the operating behaviour of an internal combustion engine.


Double Shutter CCD Camera and accessories


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