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Audio system purchase

Audio System - Audio Mixer - Wired and Wireless Mic - Speakers and related accessories

Quotation for dual_GPU &CPU desktop system

Deptt. of CS&E, IIT Madras, invites quotation for adual GPU based desktop workstation.See attachment for details. Pl. adhere to the specifications required. Alternativesmay not be considered or given importance.  

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650V2 Server

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650V2  Server details attatched.

Wireless Sensor Network Development Kit

The kit needs the following - Sensing node with XBee radio interface, a gateway node, Batteries, GPRS, Flexible solar panel, GPS module, sensors - temp, humidity, linear displacement, dust, ultrasonic, along with a software development environment. More details are in the enclosed specification document. 1. Please quote (exclusive of all taxes) - mention the taxes separately.2. Please state the warranty clauses3. Please send the quotes in sealed envelopes by SPEED POST so as to reach by 5.00 PM on June 4, 2014.  

Rack Mountable Compute Servers

Limited Tender. Pl. see attachment for details.

Educational Services for RTL Design and Verification

Service required for curriculum development in the areas of Bluespec RTL Design, Verification and FPGA Optimization

Educational Services for OS Development on Indigenous Processor

 Service for research project coordination and curriculum development in the areas of OS development for new processor including OS bringup and device driver development.More details including terms and conditions are enclosed

Enquiry of ARM based wireless sensor system

Review of hardware architecture and schematics of ARM based wireless sensor system. Sensor and Radio front end integration with ARM based system. Arm embedded software development and review. Quotes should be EXCLUSIVE of applicable taxes.Charges to be quoted on a monthly basis for one engineer deputed on-site during 8 hrs on 22 working days from every month.

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